Two-piece wireline winch unit comprising power pack module with 84 hp engine and totally enclosed winch operator cabin and winch module. This compact, versatile, self-contained wireline unit may be supplied in single or dual drum configuration. The system is suitable for slick line, braded line and mono conductor cable operations

Wireline Mast

The mast is fabricated from a base frame skid mounted with two or four folding outrigger and a hydraulic telescopic mast under design criteria such as wind speed and high safe working load SWL. The control for erecting the mast is on the base frame. The shape of the boom is from a high tensile steel structure rectangular type. The number of booms will depend of the length and the footprint of the mast.

The range of the telescopic mast is from 30ft up to 80ft and available in heliport able version as well