Hydraulic Power Units

GTE designs and manufactures electrical-driven hydraulic power packs. Our systems with installed power from a few kW till 2 MW and up are all being designed according customer specification and/or classification requirements. Power packs with or without hydraulic reservoirs, control manifolds, filtration systems, local control panels e.g., can be delivered skid mounted or completely containerized; even when used in hazardous area.When electric power is not available our diesel-driven hydraulic power packs offer a proper alternative to electro hydraulic ones. Both one-off and serial production of diesel power packs for marine and zone 1 hazardous area application are within our expertise. GTE’s custom built diesel power packs are available in a variety of configurations; permanently skid mounted, or completely self-contained (off shore certified) portable units. Besides high quality, reliability, easy accessibility and low maintenance cost, sound attenuation is a factor in our unit design.